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[ Brannan Lane - To Earth and Back ]

this is an experimental-audio broadcasting project focusing on non-mainstream, non-commercial, underground, ambient related & electroacoustic music. it is not rigidly devoted to one particular substyle/subgenre as might other online radio channels be - [dronezone on soma.fm, ambientartsound, etc.] - i honestly believe these guys are too good and there is no point to mimic them or try to compete with them. on the contrary, the spectrum of genres that you can come across here is fairly eclectic & broad and is probably best expressed with the soundwave-like word cloud on the main page. the listening experience might sometimes be quite unpredictable. bright, light & tranquil moods mix with dark & doomy ones, surrounding you by phantoms of all shapes and kind, both angelic and devilish.

having been collecting marginal styles of music from my very young age, the idea of building an online streamer came naturally as soon as i figured out how to type on a keyboard. all of this is essentially a do-it-yourself project written from scratch on top of icecast server using python, javascript, c/c++ & many other technologies that i had to absorb. i am mainly self-taught, with a little formal training and therefore this site is surely not the best web ever. rather it is labeled as "under constant development", since i plan to add on features and upgrades as time goes by.

all the tracks use a bit rate of 128 kbp and sample rate of 44100 hz, they are all encoded with the lame encoder which is a recommended tool by hydrogen audio for mp3 files. the plan for the future is to go higher up to the bitrate of 320 or possibly play purely lossless files without any compressions whatsoever. each track ran through an acoustic loudness normalization algorithm to fit the current broadcasting standards defined in the ebu's technical protocol.